Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is the big boy bed on the way?

Uh Oh! I think the big boy bed (for Shia) is coming sooner than we expected!

1. Tonight I tried to put Shia to bed at regular time (7:30). He screamed bloody murder and woke up Dov. Then I brought him out to the family room. And he lied around and rolled around for 30 minutes. So I tried again. Same thing happened. After 3x of this, I left him alone. At 9:15 he fell asleep on the family room floor. Eliott would do the same kind of thing when he "decided" he hated cribs. We had to switch him to a big boy bed because he would only fall asleep in someone else's bed. We did not have to lie with him, he just all of the sudden hated his crib. I am wondering if Shia is heading this way too.

2. Yesterday afternoon, Shia did not nap. He was playing with Eliott and 2 of Eliott's friends. Then he got bored of them and was playing alone in Elie's room. I went to check on him and he had climbed up into Elie's bed and was playing with the transformers quietly so I left him alone. Then, I had to feed Dov. 20 minutes or so went by and it was VERY VERY quiet in Eliott's room so I went to check on Shia. He was sound asleep on Eliott's bed. He took a 2 hour nap in there... maybe it is the crib that is the problem!

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