Thursday, September 6, 2012

2012 QUOTE-ables

Eliott: (upon reading a story where the mom wears heels and makeup) "that's just not you, mom"

Eliott: "my sticker says 'Magnificent'. I've always wanted to be magnificent."

Eliott: "mom, I'm making my tooth more wiggly by banging it on Shia's forehead"

Why is Dov not in a costume you ask? He is wolverine's dad, therefore he only needs a claw.

: "Shia, why are you wearing only one sock?" Shia: "I wanted to have a pugged leg, you know, like a pirate"

: "Dov, what kinds of animals come from eggs" Dov: "Yoshis come from eggs" (thank you Nintendo)

Eliott (while watching Olympic volleyball Ita vs Brz): "I don't like Italy, but I do like Italian dressing"

Shia: "my brain is having trouble getting stable"

Dov: "When are we going to have a little brother?" Me (with a chuckle): "Sorry baby, you are the little brother"