Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quotes of the day by the Stickler Boys

I am using this posting to follow Eliott's quirky statements. I will continue to post to this spot whenever he says something to crack us up. (which is so very often!)

Fall 2009 Quotes

"Shia, I told you I am a trained professional"

Eliott: "Mom, I need you to tell me who to marry" Jaime: "Eliott, you should decide that on your own, when you are older".
Eliott: 'but mom, there are so many girls to choose from, I don't know who to pick. and they all keep asking me and i don't know what to say"

"Mom, I love you...can I have a banana?"

"Mom, that Shia, he sure cracks me up."

"Mom, here's a hamburger, I promise it is Kosher. Everything in my restaurant is Kosher."

Eliott: "Mom, stop looking at me"
Jaime: "Why? Because you are picking your nose?" Eliott: "No Mom, because you need to watch the road when you are driving so you don't get us in an accident!",
Jaime: "Stop picking your nose"
Eliott: "Mom just stop looking at me!"

Jaime: "There will be no Superhero show until the room is clean, boys."
Eliott: "Mom has a point, Shia, let's clean up".

Winter 2009/2010 Quotes

Eliott: "Mom, I finished my snack, I would like some Goldfish"
Jaime: "It will be a minute"
Eliott: "Why Mom?"
Jaime: "Because I have garlicky hands"
Eliott: "Mom, just wash them off first and then you can bring me some Goldfish"

Eliott's ultimate quote of Disney vacation
Nammie (my mom): "Eliott, you are very smart"
Eliott: "Nammie, I get that alot"

Eliott's response to thunder mountain railroad: 'now that's what I'm talking about!'

Eliott: "It's bad that Mr. Jeremy shaved off his beard. I liked it."
Alan: "Did you like it when I had a beard"
Eliott: "No Daddy, just Mr. Jeremy. I don't like it on you....but I still love you though"

currently, Yo Gabba Gabba characters are singing a song called "Be nice to everyone"...
Eliott - "Shia, do you hear that song"
Shia - blank stare
Eliott - "Shia, you need to be nice to me"

Eliott -"Mom, when I am a parent, I won't live with you anymore. But I will come over sometimes with my kids so you can play with them"

Eliott - "Mom, when I grow up, I want to be an airplane pilot. But I won't work every day, because I will want to spend time with my family"

Random Waitress @ Ruby Tuesday - "Is Santa Clause coming to your house this week?"
Eliott - "No"
Random Waitress @ Ruby Tuesday - Blank Stare
Eliott - "I celebrate Chanukah"
Random Waitress @ Ruby Tuesday - "Well that's cool because we get one day of presents and you get seven"
Eliott - "Actually, there are 8 days of chanukah"

Jaime: "You're right Eliott, you stumped me"
Eliott: "Mom it wasn't me, it was my brain."
Eliott: "Mom, what does spoil your lunch mean?"
Jaime: "It means you are eating too many goldfish and so you won't eat your sandwich and won't be hungry when we get home"
Eliott: "But mom that's not true, I'm always hungry"

Eliott: " dad, I think hulk is made of gas and spinach"

Eliott: "Mom, why do you keep reminding me of the same thing over & over"
Jaime: "Moms just do that some time"
Eliott: "Well Mom, I remember so please just only tell me once"

Eliott: "Do cows make chocolate milk?"
Jaime: "No, they add the chocolate later"
Eliott: "What, doesn't it come out of their butt?"

Eliott: "Mom, when I finish college I will get married. Then I will be a dad. I think I will be 26, is that ok? I know you were 24. How old was Daddy?"
Jaime: "You get to decide who you will marry and when...after college. Daddy was 22."
Eliott: "Well...maybe I will be 24 then, but definitely ... not 22"

Eliott: "Will we see the ballerinas today"
Jaime: "Maybe"
Eliott: "I don't want to see them"
Jaime: "Why?"
Eliott: "Because they were staring at me"
Jaime: "Maybe they thought you were cute"
Eliott: "I don't want them to think I'm cute"
Jaime: "Why?"
Eliott: "Because I don't want to marry any of them"

Spring/Summer 2010 Quotes

Eliott: "pizza hut makes the best pizza; I heard about it on television"

Eliott: " Shia, Dov & I are all going to the same college" Jaime: "that's nice Elie but you don't have to" Eliott: "yes we do because we all need to stay close together"

Thank you Oprah Winfrey's Nature special LIFE for comparing that bullfrog to a dead-beat-dad. You prompted Eliott to turn to me and say "Mommy, is daddy a dead beat dad?"

Eliott: "Shia Phinn Stickler don't do that", Shia: "I'm not a Phinn Stickler"

Eliott: "Mom, I am glad we are back in Texas because Texas has Sonic. It was not as cool to have to go to Dunkin Donuts everyday. It's just not the same"

Eliott: mom, Shia said gaga poops.
Jaime: eliott, who do you think he learned that from?
Eliott: from like a bad guy or something ... I haven't said that in like 7 weeks.

Shia: "my dog Kirby-boo is wittle"
Eliott: "it's not about size Shia, it's about how they learn"

Eliott: "mom, why are there worms in my drink?"
Jaime: "where?"
Eliott: "you know, those little white things floating on the top"
Jaime: "those aren't worms, those are pieces of lemon that make your lemonade fresh (pulp)"

Jaime: " eliott, after Phineas and Ferb come upstairs and play toys"
Eliott: "mom, lame-o"

Eliott: "When I have kids, I will come visit you every Monday, but you have to get up early, is that ok?"

Eliott: "ha, ha Shia, Dovie just took you down"

Eliott: "it's summer, it's not supposed to rain in the summer"
Jaime: "it does in Houston"
Eliott: "rain sucks"

Eliott: "mom, you can't control what you create"

Shia: "my chicken nugget looks like a seahorse...mommy I just bit it's nose off"

Shia: "mommy the sun pooped on my carseat"

Eliott: "I am putting deoderent on before Bella and Julia get here so I smell boyish"

Eliott: "I don't like girls anymore"
Jaime: "Really, Elie, what about Bella & Julia or Maddie & Lizzie"
Eliott: "well I like them, I just don't like new girls"

Eliott: "mom, can I have a banana?"
Jaime: "no the bananas are still green"
Eliott: "oh great, rules again. mom you always make the rules. when can I make some?"

Eliott: "mom, did you know Burger King has Twilight toys? You need to go there and get one for yourself"

Eliott: "my bicycle is a girl and I named her girl. Now when I go fast and need to slow down I say easy girl"

Eliott: "mom, don't worry, I'm just being old fashioned"

Eliott: "mom, Shia has poop"
Jaime: "no, he doesn't, I just changed him"
Eliott: "you're kidding momma"
Jaime: "no, I'm not"
Shia: "momma you're kidding, you're kidding momma"

fall 2010 quotes... Eliott turns 5

Eliott: "it's nice to see our old friend Chilis (the restaurant), isn't it Shia?"

Eliott:"mom when you see a wombat, don't stay wombat stew. He'll turn into wombat stew" Jaime:"I'm not likely to see a wombat" Eliott:"well when you go to africa and
you see one remember what word you're not supposed to say"

Spring 2011
Shia:"mom can we go to the robeo (rodeo) and look for a yellow cowboy hat?" Me:"sure, on Sunday" Shia:"but mom, make sure it's not a yellow cowgirl hat cause I'm a boy"

Eliott: "Shia do you want to go to outerspace when you grow up?"
Shia: "yeah"
Eliott: "well be careful cause you may get sucked into a black hole"
Jaime: "Elie, don't tell him that"
Eliott: "but mom, he may well get sucked into one"

Eliott: "I just want to make the world happy"
Dov: "me too mom"
Shia: "I just want to make the god happy"
Eliott: "I know what to do to make the world happy"
Jaime: "what Eliott?"
Eliott: "you'll see when I do it"

Shia: "daddy, mommy is the one that makes the rules"

Song on the radio: "I like dirt and it likes me"
Eliott: "mom, that song is about Shia because Shia likes dirt and dirt likes Shia"

Alan: "Can I go camping with you this weekend?"
Shia: "No, we don't need you. Mr. Jeremy will be there"

Summer 2011
Eliott: "I don't know what to pick for dinner" Shia: "Eliott say Freebirds"

Today at school Eliott wrote me a story: "I love mom. Yes I do. Mom is cool. Mom loves trapezoids (spelled correctly) and me."

Eliott: "my legs hurt when I bend them" Me: "maybe you're growing" Eliott: "I don't want to grow" Me: "you new to grow. The taller you get the more rides you can ride at Disney world"

Eliott: "Mom, I think I look perkier than I did earlier"

Eliott: "mom maybe when I get my Harry Potter wand it will really work. I think I belong in the magical world"

Dov (while pretending to be Captain America and watching the Avengers): "Dad, who keeps hitting me on the tv?"

Dov doesn't get enough "play"

So having two kids back to back was hard. And remembering that you need to "spread the wealth" between 3 kids is even harder! When we go shopping and get little goodies, I often don't even think about buying something for Dov. And lately, I have noticed that I don't take nearly as many pictures or videos of him as I do the other two kids.

Here he is, he is already 7 months old (the size of an 18 month old) and time is really flying. So my goal moving forward is to be better about filming my 3rd kiddo. Afterall, he was certainly a miracle.

Halloween was a pleasant surprise

So for 2 years now, it has been impossible to get Eliott to wear a costume or go up to a house and trick or treat on his own...

Not 2009.

This year, Eliott stayed positive and actually had fun with a holiday! He was excited to wear his costume (and wore it to 2 separate events). On halloween, we went to a family-oriented party and trick or treated with friends. Eliott went off with his friends and we didn't see him the rest of the night! Alan and Dov had to chase after him with the wagon.

This made it easy for me to spend some time with Shia. Every always worries about the middle child! Shia LOVED halloween. We held hands and slowly walked from house to house, pointing out pumpkins and say Boo for every ghost or Bet for every bat we saw. At each house he said "treat" and "thank you and ba-bye".

Battling the need to eat the candy was easy too (with a little help from Yo Gabba Gabba's "Too much candy's gonna make you sick, too much candy's going to make you so sick"). We have been able limit Eliott's in-take to one per day (when he remembers).

Eliott's Harem

On Saturday morning, Eliott and I had a very interesting conversation.

**He was very upset** Here is how the conversation went:
Eliott: "Mom, you have to tell me who to marry?"
Jaime: "Elie you have plenty of time to figure that out. You can decide when you are much much older. Mommy didn't meet Daddy until she was 20, so you have plenty of time"
Eliott: "But mom, there are so many girls to choose from and then all want to marry me. I cannot decide which one to marry"
Jaime: "Eliott, that's ok, you will decide much later, you don't have to decide now"
Eliott: "But mom, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings"

Shia - future rockstar

So how does a 19 month old with 2 parents that have ZERO musical talent know what a guitar is, how to say the word guitar, and understand the concept of a microphone?

I am baffled