Friday, December 4, 2009

No more Daytime Television for Mommy

So today, I had a few minutes to myself (or so I thought). Eliott and Shia were playing with their BatCave nicely in the playroom. Since they were busy, I decided to turn on the TV and have a date with General Hospital. I got through most of the show without incident. The kids were having a great time playing batcave and goofing off in the papasan so I just continued on.

If you are familiar with GH, there is a current "love triangle" between Lucky, Elizabeth & Nikkolas. There is also a flirtation going on with Olivia & Sonny.

With 20 minutes left, Nikkolas and Elizabeth were arguing about needing to tell Lucky about their love (Nikkolas and Lucky are brothers).

With about 5 minutes left, Eliott came back into the room. He wanted to watch "an Elie show". I told him, 5 minutes. At that point, there was a heated argument on the show between Olivia & Sonny.

And this is what came out of my son's mouth:
"Mommy, I think that guy was mad because she said she wanted to marry his brother"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quotes of the day by the Stickler Boys

I am using this posting to follow Eliott's quirky statements. I will continue to post to this spot whenever he says something to crack us up. (which is so very often!)

Fall 2009 Quotes

"Shia, I told you I am a trained professional"

Eliott: "Mom, I need you to tell me who to marry" Jaime: "Eliott, you should decide that on your own, when you are older".
Eliott: 'but mom, there are so many girls to choose from, I don't know who to pick. and they all keep asking me and i don't know what to say"

"Mom, I love you...can I have a banana?"

"Mom, that Shia, he sure cracks me up."

"Mom, here's a hamburger, I promise it is Kosher. Everything in my restaurant is Kosher."

Eliott: "Mom, stop looking at me"
Jaime: "Why? Because you are picking your nose?" Eliott: "No Mom, because you need to watch the road when you are driving so you don't get us in an accident!",
Jaime: "Stop picking your nose"
Eliott: "Mom just stop looking at me!"

Jaime: "There will be no Superhero show until the room is clean, boys."
Eliott: "Mom has a point, Shia, let's clean up".

Winter 2009/2010 Quotes

Eliott: "Mom, I finished my snack, I would like some Goldfish"
Jaime: "It will be a minute"
Eliott: "Why Mom?"
Jaime: "Because I have garlicky hands"
Eliott: "Mom, just wash them off first and then you can bring me some Goldfish"

Eliott's ultimate quote of Disney vacation
Nammie (my mom): "Eliott, you are very smart"
Eliott: "Nammie, I get that alot"

Eliott's response to thunder mountain railroad: 'now that's what I'm talking about!'

Eliott: "It's bad that Mr. Jeremy shaved off his beard. I liked it."
Alan: "Did you like it when I had a beard"
Eliott: "No Daddy, just Mr. Jeremy. I don't like it on you....but I still love you though"

currently, Yo Gabba Gabba characters are singing a song called "Be nice to everyone"...
Eliott - "Shia, do you hear that song"
Shia - blank stare
Eliott - "Shia, you need to be nice to me"

Eliott -"Mom, when I am a parent, I won't live with you anymore. But I will come over sometimes with my kids so you can play with them"

Eliott - "Mom, when I grow up, I want to be an airplane pilot. But I won't work every day, because I will want to spend time with my family"

Random Waitress @ Ruby Tuesday - "Is Santa Clause coming to your house this week?"
Eliott - "No"
Random Waitress @ Ruby Tuesday - Blank Stare
Eliott - "I celebrate Chanukah"
Random Waitress @ Ruby Tuesday - "Well that's cool because we get one day of presents and you get seven"
Eliott - "Actually, there are 8 days of chanukah"

Jaime: "You're right Eliott, you stumped me"
Eliott: "Mom it wasn't me, it was my brain."
Eliott: "Mom, what does spoil your lunch mean?"
Jaime: "It means you are eating too many goldfish and so you won't eat your sandwich and won't be hungry when we get home"
Eliott: "But mom that's not true, I'm always hungry"

Eliott: " dad, I think hulk is made of gas and spinach"

Eliott: "Mom, why do you keep reminding me of the same thing over & over"
Jaime: "Moms just do that some time"
Eliott: "Well Mom, I remember so please just only tell me once"

Eliott: "Do cows make chocolate milk?"
Jaime: "No, they add the chocolate later"
Eliott: "What, doesn't it come out of their butt?"

Eliott: "Mom, when I finish college I will get married. Then I will be a dad. I think I will be 26, is that ok? I know you were 24. How old was Daddy?"
Jaime: "You get to decide who you will marry and when...after college. Daddy was 22."
Eliott: "Well...maybe I will be 24 then, but definitely ... not 22"

Eliott: "Will we see the ballerinas today"
Jaime: "Maybe"
Eliott: "I don't want to see them"
Jaime: "Why?"
Eliott: "Because they were staring at me"
Jaime: "Maybe they thought you were cute"
Eliott: "I don't want them to think I'm cute"
Jaime: "Why?"
Eliott: "Because I don't want to marry any of them"

Spring/Summer 2010 Quotes

Eliott: "pizza hut makes the best pizza; I heard about it on television"

Eliott: " Shia, Dov & I are all going to the same college" Jaime: "that's nice Elie but you don't have to" Eliott: "yes we do because we all need to stay close together"

Thank you Oprah Winfrey's Nature special LIFE for comparing that bullfrog to a dead-beat-dad. You prompted Eliott to turn to me and say "Mommy, is daddy a dead beat dad?"

Eliott: "Shia Phinn Stickler don't do that", Shia: "I'm not a Phinn Stickler"

Eliott: "Mom, I am glad we are back in Texas because Texas has Sonic. It was not as cool to have to go to Dunkin Donuts everyday. It's just not the same"

Eliott: mom, Shia said gaga poops.
Jaime: eliott, who do you think he learned that from?
Eliott: from like a bad guy or something ... I haven't said that in like 7 weeks.

Shia: "my dog Kirby-boo is wittle"
Eliott: "it's not about size Shia, it's about how they learn"

Eliott: "mom, why are there worms in my drink?"
Jaime: "where?"
Eliott: "you know, those little white things floating on the top"
Jaime: "those aren't worms, those are pieces of lemon that make your lemonade fresh (pulp)"

Jaime: " eliott, after Phineas and Ferb come upstairs and play toys"
Eliott: "mom, lame-o"

Eliott: "When I have kids, I will come visit you every Monday, but you have to get up early, is that ok?"

Eliott: "ha, ha Shia, Dovie just took you down"

Eliott: "it's summer, it's not supposed to rain in the summer"
Jaime: "it does in Houston"
Eliott: "rain sucks"

Eliott: "mom, you can't control what you create"

Shia: "my chicken nugget looks like a seahorse...mommy I just bit it's nose off"

Shia: "mommy the sun pooped on my carseat"

Eliott: "I am putting deoderent on before Bella and Julia get here so I smell boyish"

Eliott: "I don't like girls anymore"
Jaime: "Really, Elie, what about Bella & Julia or Maddie & Lizzie"
Eliott: "well I like them, I just don't like new girls"

Eliott: "mom, can I have a banana?"
Jaime: "no the bananas are still green"
Eliott: "oh great, rules again. mom you always make the rules. when can I make some?"

Eliott: "mom, did you know Burger King has Twilight toys? You need to go there and get one for yourself"

Eliott: "my bicycle is a girl and I named her girl. Now when I go fast and need to slow down I say easy girl"

Eliott: "mom, don't worry, I'm just being old fashioned"

Eliott: "mom, Shia has poop"
Jaime: "no, he doesn't, I just changed him"
Eliott: "you're kidding momma"
Jaime: "no, I'm not"
Shia: "momma you're kidding, you're kidding momma"

fall 2010 quotes... Eliott turns 5

Eliott: "it's nice to see our old friend Chilis (the restaurant), isn't it Shia?"

Eliott:"mom when you see a wombat, don't stay wombat stew. He'll turn into wombat stew" Jaime:"I'm not likely to see a wombat" Eliott:"well when you go to africa and
you see one remember what word you're not supposed to say"

Spring 2011
Shia:"mom can we go to the robeo (rodeo) and look for a yellow cowboy hat?" Me:"sure, on Sunday" Shia:"but mom, make sure it's not a yellow cowgirl hat cause I'm a boy"

Eliott: "Shia do you want to go to outerspace when you grow up?"
Shia: "yeah"
Eliott: "well be careful cause you may get sucked into a black hole"
Jaime: "Elie, don't tell him that"
Eliott: "but mom, he may well get sucked into one"

Eliott: "I just want to make the world happy"
Dov: "me too mom"
Shia: "I just want to make the god happy"
Eliott: "I know what to do to make the world happy"
Jaime: "what Eliott?"
Eliott: "you'll see when I do it"

Shia: "daddy, mommy is the one that makes the rules"

Song on the radio: "I like dirt and it likes me"
Eliott: "mom, that song is about Shia because Shia likes dirt and dirt likes Shia"

Alan: "Can I go camping with you this weekend?"
Shia: "No, we don't need you. Mr. Jeremy will be there"

Summer 2011
Eliott: "I don't know what to pick for dinner" Shia: "Eliott say Freebirds"

Today at school Eliott wrote me a story: "I love mom. Yes I do. Mom is cool. Mom loves trapezoids (spelled correctly) and me."

Eliott: "my legs hurt when I bend them" Me: "maybe you're growing" Eliott: "I don't want to grow" Me: "you new to grow. The taller you get the more rides you can ride at Disney world"

Eliott: "Mom, I think I look perkier than I did earlier"

Eliott: "mom maybe when I get my Harry Potter wand it will really work. I think I belong in the magical world"

Dov (while pretending to be Captain America and watching the Avengers): "Dad, who keeps hitting me on the tv?"

Dov doesn't get enough "play"

So having two kids back to back was hard. And remembering that you need to "spread the wealth" between 3 kids is even harder! When we go shopping and get little goodies, I often don't even think about buying something for Dov. And lately, I have noticed that I don't take nearly as many pictures or videos of him as I do the other two kids.

Here he is, he is already 7 months old (the size of an 18 month old) and time is really flying. So my goal moving forward is to be better about filming my 3rd kiddo. Afterall, he was certainly a miracle.

Halloween was a pleasant surprise

So for 2 years now, it has been impossible to get Eliott to wear a costume or go up to a house and trick or treat on his own...

Not 2009.

This year, Eliott stayed positive and actually had fun with a holiday! He was excited to wear his costume (and wore it to 2 separate events). On halloween, we went to a family-oriented party and trick or treated with friends. Eliott went off with his friends and we didn't see him the rest of the night! Alan and Dov had to chase after him with the wagon.

This made it easy for me to spend some time with Shia. Every always worries about the middle child! Shia LOVED halloween. We held hands and slowly walked from house to house, pointing out pumpkins and say Boo for every ghost or Bet for every bat we saw. At each house he said "treat" and "thank you and ba-bye".

Battling the need to eat the candy was easy too (with a little help from Yo Gabba Gabba's "Too much candy's gonna make you sick, too much candy's going to make you so sick"). We have been able limit Eliott's in-take to one per day (when he remembers).

Eliott's Harem

On Saturday morning, Eliott and I had a very interesting conversation.

**He was very upset** Here is how the conversation went:
Eliott: "Mom, you have to tell me who to marry?"
Jaime: "Elie you have plenty of time to figure that out. You can decide when you are much much older. Mommy didn't meet Daddy until she was 20, so you have plenty of time"
Eliott: "But mom, there are so many girls to choose from and then all want to marry me. I cannot decide which one to marry"
Jaime: "Eliott, that's ok, you will decide much later, you don't have to decide now"
Eliott: "But mom, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings"

Shia - future rockstar

So how does a 19 month old with 2 parents that have ZERO musical talent know what a guitar is, how to say the word guitar, and understand the concept of a microphone?

I am baffled

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Picture Day

Today was picture day for the Stickler 3. Our expectations going in were very low. We have done pictures every late Summer/early Fall since Eliott was little.

Two years ago, Eliott - age 22 months - would not put down Doggie (his lovey) and when he did, you could so of still see Doggie hiding behind him in the pictures.

Last year, Shia was 7 months (and relatively cooperative), but almost 3 year old Eliott REFUSED to smile.

So this being the first studio shots of all three, we weren't expecting much...we were pleasantly surprised.

Eliott did smile - followed directions - and even wanted to go first. He did put his foot down when asked to hold Dov up or allow Dov to lie on his back, but Dov is heavy so we understood.

Shia, who is never camera-shy basically stared into space and refused to smile... never thought he would be the difficult one.

Dov was happy Dov and cooperated probably better than Shia did last year.

It ended up being a relatively pleasant experience.

So maybe we will continue the tradition of passing down the "picture dress up" shirts each year if it is going to go this well.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dovie can clap?

I am just not used to the speed of this child! First, the combat crawling started this week and now all of the sudden he has gone from sitting up for 10 seconds to sitting up for minutes at a time. They were not lying when they said that with each child, time moves much much faster. I thought things were fast this time last year with Shia, but Dov is just moving TOO fast. Did I just say that?

This video is proof that Dov and Shia are going to be great friends, but also proof that Dov is becoming the "runty" twin instead of the "irish" twin he actually is!

He somehow just today discovered his hands, that they clap and open and shut. So cool!

Shia as Spider-man

This week Shia has learned two new actions:
1. Dancing - If you ask him to dance, he sways from side to side. He also has decided that it is fun to stand up in the bathtub and dance while repeatedly saying Dan' Dan' Dan' (dan = dance)
2. He has learned to "fly". See attached video...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Superhero Saga continues

Not much to say, but if you ever wondered when the Superhero fettish seems to begin, it is around 6 months. This picture was taken this morning (at 6am).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheerios vs Puffs

We have been feeding Dov, who is now 5 1/2 months old cheerios for about a week. With Eliott, I think we waited until he had 4 teeth which would have been at 9 months old. Shia had 6 teeth by 4 months so I was less concerned about his eating abilities so he also started cheerios early. Dov only has 4 teeth. He seems to really love cheerios and also rice krispies so this weekend I bought him a container of those baby puff things. What a disaster! He kept choking on them. I can't figure it out... he can eat the "big kid" food fine, but cannot seem to eat the "baby food". We will not be buying anymore puffs. He will just stick to cheerios and rice krispies which I think is the cheapest option anyway!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Kid Bed week 2, what's next? Potty Training?

This morning a very interesting thing happened. I was working in the laundry room (because I have neglected laundry for about a week), and Shia came over to me. Usually he likes to help me put laundry into the washer or dryer.

Today was different. He came in and was tugging on his pants and pull-up. I thought oh great, another poopy diaper to change, but upon checking, he was dry. Then he walked across the hall (2 steps) to the bathroom and started to open the door. Brilliant mother that I am, I put two and two together that he was asking to go potty.

Sidenote: This is not the first time he has asked to sit on the potty, but we usually just do it for fun. Nothing evers comes out of the experience, but a good laugh.

Today, again no pee, but today was different. Right after he got off the potty he wanted to brush his teeth. He started to brush, looked at the potty and then peed all over the bathroom floor.

Now some people would be upset about the pee on the floor. I am choosing to look at things another way.
1. he knew he had to go
2. he asked me to take him to the bathroom
3. we need a different potty seat because he is uncomfortable

Eliott potty trained at 2 1/2 exactly. Shia will be 1 1/2 in 2 weeks. We'll see...

Monday, August 31, 2009

My firstborn turns four

Four years ago, I was a wife, but not a mom. I was waiting patiently for the hospital to call us and say what time my induction would start. Alan and I were both excited, but nervous. Would we have a girl or a boy? Would everyone like the names we had chosen?

Here we are now and I have a totally different concerns. I wonder if I have been a good mother and if Eliott is growing up to be kid I know he can be.

He is smart, funny, and a little bit quirky. He is afraid of thunder, but fears no superheros. He is an excellent big brother (95%) of the time.

Only time will tell I guess.

Eliott's 4 year old stats:

43 1/2 inches

43 pounds

Favorite Marvel Superhero - Ironman

Favorite DC Superhero - The Flash

Favorite TV show(s) - Wipeout, Phineas & Ferb, SuperWhy

Favorite Color(s) - Yellow & Blue

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is the love of Superheroes genetic?

Superheroes are everywhere in our house. Most people who know Eliott, my about to turn 4 year old, know that he is a superhero addict. He can distinguish between Marvel and DC. He has a favorite for each: Iron Man and Flash, respectively. He also has about 100 little figurines from Justice League to Avengers to X-Men. Lately he has been gung-ho X-men (hence the Wolverine style birthday invitations), so the 15 X-Men he has have been utilized daily. I am learning that the Superhero obsession is not stopping with Eliott. It is taking over the life of Shia, the almost 18 month old also. Shia's lovey is a Spider-man, but for a while we just thought this was a fluke love of Superheroes. He seems to have attached himself to the Marvel figures specifically. Yesterday at Target we bought him his first Superheroes: a Colossuss and a Wolverine. He has been carrying them around in a Halloween pumpkin for the last 48 hours. The pumpkin is sleeping on the floor next to his bed also. Last night I caught Shia doing something Eliott used to do at the same age... lining up his Superheroes and talking to them. (see photo attached). I have a feeling that the # of superheroes in our house is going to triple within the next year once Dov gets involved too.

Pizza Crust?!

So lately I have been a little worried about Dov's food intake. Alot of the time he just plays around with the bottles especially in the morning. He likes some baby food (bananas and sweet potatoes), but could do without most of the rest of the foods out far. Turns out the reason behind all of this might be that he just wants REAL FOOD. Exihibit A: see attached photos of just turned 5 months old Dov eating pizza crust!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Pretzel

This afternoon I gave Shia a bowl of pretzels to eat. I walked out of the room and came back to about 20 pretzels all over the floor. There is nothing really interesting about that except that when I left the room, Dov was over by the TV. When I came back, he had rolled or moved or whatever all the way over (across the room) to the red couch. What was even more intesting was that he was trying to eat the pretzels! I even had to pull one out of his mouth.

The Imaginary Friend Saga Continues

Eliott and his Doggie antics are at it again. Today Eliott informed me that Doggie has his own lovey. I didn't think this saga could get any greater! Doggie's lovey is a little Monkey beanie baby that we acquired from McD's one day. It has never been played with before today. To top things off, Eliott told me that Doggie named the lovey Flounder. So now this Flounder had to come with us to HEB today because Doggie needed his lovey. Tonight Eliott fell asleep holding Doggie in one arm and Flounder in his other hand. What's next?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is the big boy bed on the way?

Uh Oh! I think the big boy bed (for Shia) is coming sooner than we expected!

1. Tonight I tried to put Shia to bed at regular time (7:30). He screamed bloody murder and woke up Dov. Then I brought him out to the family room. And he lied around and rolled around for 30 minutes. So I tried again. Same thing happened. After 3x of this, I left him alone. At 9:15 he fell asleep on the family room floor. Eliott would do the same kind of thing when he "decided" he hated cribs. We had to switch him to a big boy bed because he would only fall asleep in someone else's bed. We did not have to lie with him, he just all of the sudden hated his crib. I am wondering if Shia is heading this way too.

2. Yesterday afternoon, Shia did not nap. He was playing with Eliott and 2 of Eliott's friends. Then he got bored of them and was playing alone in Elie's room. I went to check on him and he had climbed up into Elie's bed and was playing with the transformers quietly so I left him alone. Then, I had to feed Dov. 20 minutes or so went by and it was VERY VERY quiet in Eliott's room so I went to check on Shia. He was sound asleep on Eliott's bed. He took a 2 hour nap in there... maybe it is the crib that is the problem!

NEWSFLASH: Dov loves superheros too!

So my oldest son, Eliott is a superhero fanatic. At age 3 he can not only name most superheroes shown to him, but he also knows if they are Marvel or DC and in many cases, the name of their alter-ego. Shia is following suit. 2 of his first words have been Batman and Spiderman and he is not even 17months old! His lovey is also a Spiderman! So it shouldn't surprise us that Dov even at 4 months old has jumped on the band wagon!

At Six Flags on Saturday, we bought a little Green Lantern doll for Shia and one for Dov (just in case he might want it later). Shia was playing with his GL in the stroller. Dov was sitting there staring at him and it and trying to grab it away. So quickly after, I gave in and handed him his first superhero as well.

Life with 3 boys!

Eliott's First Solo Ride @ an Amusement Park

On Sunday, we went to Six Flags, Fiesta, Texas. They have a WiggleWorld that opened there this year. Inside are a ton of rides for parents and kiddos to ride together. This particular section of the park also had a ride that Eliott could ride alone. He was familiar with this type of ride because they have one to do together at Seaworld, but this was exciting for him because it was his FIRST solo ride! He was acting so grown up.

Singing in the rain

We can never get Eliott to go out into a rainstorm, but that is another thing that appears to not stop Shia. On Sunday, when we got back from Six Flags, there was a random downpour here. Shia decided to go out in the rain storm and walk around - in the grass, on the deck, on the porch. He was soaked after a few minutes so I made him come inside. Of course he threw a fit because he wanted to be out in the rain more!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The funny things a one year old does.

1. I turned around yesterday a noticed Shia standing in the playroom with Potato Head glasses on his nose. Then, later, he added a tamborine as a necklace.
2. Today he was standing on a laundry basket while Dov was asleep on the couch. He was screaming at the top of his lungs so I said ssh ssh Dov is sleeping. He spent the next five minutes alternating screaming with ssh ssh.

3. This morning he had a little play cup and was standing by the sink pointing up. He wanted water in his cup. I gave him a splash and he spilt it on the floor. Then he looked down and pointed at the spot and asked for a paper towel.

He just gets funnier every day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I figured I needed a post about Dov. Dov is not to be ignored. He spends alot of time trying to out babble/talk the rest of the family. I have heard that 2nd and 3rd children grow up much faster than the first one does. It is making me kind of sad. I feel like I have an almost 4 year old who wants to be an elementary school kid, a 1 year old who thinks he is three, and a 4 month old who thinks he is 5 or 6 months old. This past two weeks he has begun to roll around, grab pretty much anything on the floor and talk to his toys. Shia and Eliott were both 5 months old when they began to roll. Dov has even started to try sitting up and keeps trying to get out of his carseat... he also tried to eat a raisin on Thursday. Slow down!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frustration with American Airlines

Ok, so the ongoing saga with AA continues. To get everyone up to date, we flew from Dallas to DC for the 4th of July. We had to check the double stroller at baggage because it doesn't fold down the right way to really be gate checked. No one mentioned that it was 1. oversized baggage or 2. that AA does not cover strollers or oversized for damage. (Apparently this is on their website, but like many of you, I don't walk around with a computer checking these things out).

The stroller made it to DC fine. When we flew back, not only was our stroller totally trashed, but our infant carrier was missing. To solve the problem with the infant carrier, AA gave us a piece of crap Evenflo convertible carseat for Dov. He was miserable the whole 3 hour ride home.

Alan called them about the stroller. They have denied our baggage claim. What pisses me off the most is that if they have NO policy to handle oversized baggage/strollers, what keeps the baggage handlers from just throwing luggage around. The answer is NOTHING. Nothing does. I can't believe that they are not going to work with Alan as a Gold Status AA flier. Not even a little bit of $ to help replace our property which was so blatantly mistreated.

Alan is going to try to call a different customer service line tomorrow. The saga will continue...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Imaginary Friend - not so imaginary

Today it happened again. Alan was saying good bye in the morning before leaving for work and Doggie (not Eliott), said have a great day at work. Doggie has become quite a personality in our house. I am wondering what imaginary friends mean and why Eliott seems so attached to his. Has it gotten "worse" since the little boys were born? Should we be worried? The latest escapades of Eliott and Doggie have prompted me to order a book on imaginary friends, but I am wondering if it is different when the imaginary friend is actually a personified doll. Doggie is not like other traditional loveys of other kids we know. Here is where I think Doggie and Eliott's relationship differs from traditional relationships between kids and their loveys...
1. Doggie has his own voice - meaning, Eliott actually changes his voice to a particular voice in order to talk as Doggie.
2. Doggie and Eliott do not always agree. They have "argued" in the grocery store about the type of fruit snacks to choose.
3. Doggie does things wrong and goes on time out. Sometimes we put him on timeout. Sometimes Eliott himself puts Doggie on timeout.
4. Doggie and Eliott lead a paralell life. Elie goes to school, Doggie goes to school. Elie goes to swim class, Doggie goes to swim class... etc.
5. Eliott does not need Doggie to fall asleep.
6. When we play board games, Elie wants Doggie to participate. He often gives him a board piece and will put it in Doggie's hands and move it for him.
7. Doggie has a family. They travel on trips. They have birthdays.

Any advice on imaginary friends? I think this is an issue that is going to follow us for a while.
Let's hope the other boys don't get as attached to Spidey and Burton.

Eliott - 3 and 3/4 going on 15!

Eliott is continuing to keep us on our toes. Here are some examples from the past week.

1. I asked Eliott to help me push Shia's stroller for a second. He turned to me and said "I am just too lazy to help you out Mom"

2. I took him to get his haircut the other day. The hair cutter asked Eliott how old he was. I said he is three and a half. He turned to me and said "Mom... no I am not, I am three and 3/4".

And if the comments are not enough...check out this picture of him from our trip to DC... this epitomizes his HUGE personality.

Shia's Words (new as of 8/14)

So Shia is cracking us up these days.

Today he ran around the house with his hands in the air saying Hooray! It is interesting what words he has picked up them and how they are all over the place. Eliott's first words were things like ball and dog and daddy. Shia has a completely different list of words at 15 months.


  1. Hooray
  2. Milk
  3. Mommy
  4. ssss (sound a snake makes)
  5. Eliott
  6. Baby
  7. shoes
  8. fish
  9. Nammie (name for my mom)
  10. Batman
  11. Breakfast
  12. cheese
  13. quack
  14. mine
  15. spiderman
  16. binky
  17. swimsuit
  18. car
  19. cookies
  20. milk
  21. daddy
  22. eyes
  23. hair

  1. Oh-no (I made this one up)
  2. More
  3. All done
  4. eat