Monday, August 31, 2009

My firstborn turns four

Four years ago, I was a wife, but not a mom. I was waiting patiently for the hospital to call us and say what time my induction would start. Alan and I were both excited, but nervous. Would we have a girl or a boy? Would everyone like the names we had chosen?

Here we are now and I have a totally different concerns. I wonder if I have been a good mother and if Eliott is growing up to be kid I know he can be.

He is smart, funny, and a little bit quirky. He is afraid of thunder, but fears no superheros. He is an excellent big brother (95%) of the time.

Only time will tell I guess.

Eliott's 4 year old stats:

43 1/2 inches

43 pounds

Favorite Marvel Superhero - Ironman

Favorite DC Superhero - The Flash

Favorite TV show(s) - Wipeout, Phineas & Ferb, SuperWhy

Favorite Color(s) - Yellow & Blue

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is the love of Superheroes genetic?

Superheroes are everywhere in our house. Most people who know Eliott, my about to turn 4 year old, know that he is a superhero addict. He can distinguish between Marvel and DC. He has a favorite for each: Iron Man and Flash, respectively. He also has about 100 little figurines from Justice League to Avengers to X-Men. Lately he has been gung-ho X-men (hence the Wolverine style birthday invitations), so the 15 X-Men he has have been utilized daily. I am learning that the Superhero obsession is not stopping with Eliott. It is taking over the life of Shia, the almost 18 month old also. Shia's lovey is a Spider-man, but for a while we just thought this was a fluke love of Superheroes. He seems to have attached himself to the Marvel figures specifically. Yesterday at Target we bought him his first Superheroes: a Colossuss and a Wolverine. He has been carrying them around in a Halloween pumpkin for the last 48 hours. The pumpkin is sleeping on the floor next to his bed also. Last night I caught Shia doing something Eliott used to do at the same age... lining up his Superheroes and talking to them. (see photo attached). I have a feeling that the # of superheroes in our house is going to triple within the next year once Dov gets involved too.

Pizza Crust?!

So lately I have been a little worried about Dov's food intake. Alot of the time he just plays around with the bottles especially in the morning. He likes some baby food (bananas and sweet potatoes), but could do without most of the rest of the foods out far. Turns out the reason behind all of this might be that he just wants REAL FOOD. Exihibit A: see attached photos of just turned 5 months old Dov eating pizza crust!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Pretzel

This afternoon I gave Shia a bowl of pretzels to eat. I walked out of the room and came back to about 20 pretzels all over the floor. There is nothing really interesting about that except that when I left the room, Dov was over by the TV. When I came back, he had rolled or moved or whatever all the way over (across the room) to the red couch. What was even more intesting was that he was trying to eat the pretzels! I even had to pull one out of his mouth.

The Imaginary Friend Saga Continues

Eliott and his Doggie antics are at it again. Today Eliott informed me that Doggie has his own lovey. I didn't think this saga could get any greater! Doggie's lovey is a little Monkey beanie baby that we acquired from McD's one day. It has never been played with before today. To top things off, Eliott told me that Doggie named the lovey Flounder. So now this Flounder had to come with us to HEB today because Doggie needed his lovey. Tonight Eliott fell asleep holding Doggie in one arm and Flounder in his other hand. What's next?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is the big boy bed on the way?

Uh Oh! I think the big boy bed (for Shia) is coming sooner than we expected!

1. Tonight I tried to put Shia to bed at regular time (7:30). He screamed bloody murder and woke up Dov. Then I brought him out to the family room. And he lied around and rolled around for 30 minutes. So I tried again. Same thing happened. After 3x of this, I left him alone. At 9:15 he fell asleep on the family room floor. Eliott would do the same kind of thing when he "decided" he hated cribs. We had to switch him to a big boy bed because he would only fall asleep in someone else's bed. We did not have to lie with him, he just all of the sudden hated his crib. I am wondering if Shia is heading this way too.

2. Yesterday afternoon, Shia did not nap. He was playing with Eliott and 2 of Eliott's friends. Then he got bored of them and was playing alone in Elie's room. I went to check on him and he had climbed up into Elie's bed and was playing with the transformers quietly so I left him alone. Then, I had to feed Dov. 20 minutes or so went by and it was VERY VERY quiet in Eliott's room so I went to check on Shia. He was sound asleep on Eliott's bed. He took a 2 hour nap in there... maybe it is the crib that is the problem!

NEWSFLASH: Dov loves superheros too!

So my oldest son, Eliott is a superhero fanatic. At age 3 he can not only name most superheroes shown to him, but he also knows if they are Marvel or DC and in many cases, the name of their alter-ego. Shia is following suit. 2 of his first words have been Batman and Spiderman and he is not even 17months old! His lovey is also a Spiderman! So it shouldn't surprise us that Dov even at 4 months old has jumped on the band wagon!

At Six Flags on Saturday, we bought a little Green Lantern doll for Shia and one for Dov (just in case he might want it later). Shia was playing with his GL in the stroller. Dov was sitting there staring at him and it and trying to grab it away. So quickly after, I gave in and handed him his first superhero as well.

Life with 3 boys!

Eliott's First Solo Ride @ an Amusement Park

On Sunday, we went to Six Flags, Fiesta, Texas. They have a WiggleWorld that opened there this year. Inside are a ton of rides for parents and kiddos to ride together. This particular section of the park also had a ride that Eliott could ride alone. He was familiar with this type of ride because they have one to do together at Seaworld, but this was exciting for him because it was his FIRST solo ride! He was acting so grown up.

Singing in the rain

We can never get Eliott to go out into a rainstorm, but that is another thing that appears to not stop Shia. On Sunday, when we got back from Six Flags, there was a random downpour here. Shia decided to go out in the rain storm and walk around - in the grass, on the deck, on the porch. He was soaked after a few minutes so I made him come inside. Of course he threw a fit because he wanted to be out in the rain more!