Sunday, October 11, 2009

Picture Day

Today was picture day for the Stickler 3. Our expectations going in were very low. We have done pictures every late Summer/early Fall since Eliott was little.

Two years ago, Eliott - age 22 months - would not put down Doggie (his lovey) and when he did, you could so of still see Doggie hiding behind him in the pictures.

Last year, Shia was 7 months (and relatively cooperative), but almost 3 year old Eliott REFUSED to smile.

So this being the first studio shots of all three, we weren't expecting much...we were pleasantly surprised.

Eliott did smile - followed directions - and even wanted to go first. He did put his foot down when asked to hold Dov up or allow Dov to lie on his back, but Dov is heavy so we understood.

Shia, who is never camera-shy basically stared into space and refused to smile... never thought he would be the difficult one.

Dov was happy Dov and cooperated probably better than Shia did last year.

It ended up being a relatively pleasant experience.

So maybe we will continue the tradition of passing down the "picture dress up" shirts each year if it is going to go this well.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Dovie can clap?

I am just not used to the speed of this child! First, the combat crawling started this week and now all of the sudden he has gone from sitting up for 10 seconds to sitting up for minutes at a time. They were not lying when they said that with each child, time moves much much faster. I thought things were fast this time last year with Shia, but Dov is just moving TOO fast. Did I just say that?

This video is proof that Dov and Shia are going to be great friends, but also proof that Dov is becoming the "runty" twin instead of the "irish" twin he actually is!

He somehow just today discovered his hands, that they clap and open and shut. So cool!

Shia as Spider-man

This week Shia has learned two new actions:
1. Dancing - If you ask him to dance, he sways from side to side. He also has decided that it is fun to stand up in the bathtub and dance while repeatedly saying Dan' Dan' Dan' (dan = dance)
2. He has learned to "fly". See attached video...