Monday, July 13, 2009

Imaginary Friend - not so imaginary

Today it happened again. Alan was saying good bye in the morning before leaving for work and Doggie (not Eliott), said have a great day at work. Doggie has become quite a personality in our house. I am wondering what imaginary friends mean and why Eliott seems so attached to his. Has it gotten "worse" since the little boys were born? Should we be worried? The latest escapades of Eliott and Doggie have prompted me to order a book on imaginary friends, but I am wondering if it is different when the imaginary friend is actually a personified doll. Doggie is not like other traditional loveys of other kids we know. Here is where I think Doggie and Eliott's relationship differs from traditional relationships between kids and their loveys...
1. Doggie has his own voice - meaning, Eliott actually changes his voice to a particular voice in order to talk as Doggie.
2. Doggie and Eliott do not always agree. They have "argued" in the grocery store about the type of fruit snacks to choose.
3. Doggie does things wrong and goes on time out. Sometimes we put him on timeout. Sometimes Eliott himself puts Doggie on timeout.
4. Doggie and Eliott lead a paralell life. Elie goes to school, Doggie goes to school. Elie goes to swim class, Doggie goes to swim class... etc.
5. Eliott does not need Doggie to fall asleep.
6. When we play board games, Elie wants Doggie to participate. He often gives him a board piece and will put it in Doggie's hands and move it for him.
7. Doggie has a family. They travel on trips. They have birthdays.

Any advice on imaginary friends? I think this is an issue that is going to follow us for a while.
Let's hope the other boys don't get as attached to Spidey and Burton.


  1. Imaginary friends are quite common in little kids' lives and are not of any concern. This just shows that Eliott possesses a rich imagination and high intelligence that should be fostered in many ways, writing little books, continuing with music, starting an instrument, etc. It really has little to do with his relationship with his brothers. I would suggest you review this website for more information:

  2. Hello sister.
    From my experience of imaginary friends, if you don't remember I had an imaginary friend that was also a dog named spot for some years (although I was older than Ellie), I wouldn't worry about it too much. I was often pretty intense about Spot and Spot's friends. I would get mad at my Milton friends (yes I was like 6) for not including him in games and for making fun of him etc. Me and Spot used to fight crimes and stuff. I turned out fine (at least fine enough, I am a bit eccentric). So I'm sure it will pass eventually. Love you guys!