Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 QUOTE-able Giants

Eliott -

"Eliott: "cowboys should always be nice unless they're bandits""

"Eliott: "mom, the only reason I watch Diego is to learn animal facts so I can stump you""
Jaime: "Eliott, what do you want to do during spring break?" 
Eliott: "maybe we could discover things and wonder about them, and then after we play video games we could do some bird watching""
"Eliott: "a lot of people want to marry me, but I have a lot to think about. I mean there's only one me and I have a lot on my mind""

"Eliott: "I would think about marrying Brooke if she buys me a Nintendo D'S. she's considering it""

"Eliott: "I'm not calling that movie "jack the giant slayer" instead I'll call it "something freaky to scare parents"""

"Eliott: "mom, I have to ask you something... How come even though I don't like Justin Bieber my mind keeps singing all of his songs? It's like my mind likes him even though I don't.""

"Eliott: "at PE today the 6th graders were outside in the rain doing an experiment. Then they heard thunder and they were screaming like little girls. It was hilarious""
Eliott: "Mom there are 8 things you don't know about me yet" Me: "Well, what are they?" Eliott: "I'm not going to tell you them all at once."

Eliott: "Life is just not the same when you are away mom"

Shia - 
"Shia: "no Eliott, I can't be a monkey. Monkeys like bananas and I don't like bananas. So it's not possible""
Dov -
Jaime: "Dov, her mom says she really likes you. I guess she thinks she's your friend" 
Dov: "well she's wrong mom""

Group - 
Remember I'm talking to a 4, 5, & 7 year old when you read this). 
Dov: "which of us came out of daddy's belly?" 
Me: "none of you because mommies carry the babies" 
Shia: "mom, if a boy marries a boy, can they have a baby?" 
Me:"they can if they adopt" 
Eliott: "what if a girl marries a girl?" 
Me: "they would probably need to adopt" 
Eliott: "why?" 
Me: "well, you need a boy and a girl to have what you need to make a baby" 
Eliott:(thinking) "oh... Like a chicken does" Me: "let's talk about something else"

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